Frozen Berries

Handcrafted Fruit Blends

When you need premium juice of unsurpassed quality, look no further than Transpacific Food. Our pasteurized and unpasteurized fruit purees and custom blends start with top grade northwest fruit and then is carefully crafted to your specifications in our state-of-the art laboratory in Boring, Oregon – just steps away from where we source the fruit.

Custom Frozen Purees

Companies from all over the world, who require premium purees for their products — whether it be for beverages, ice cream, or jams — come to Transpacific Food for our undeniably sweet, nutritious and delicious berries. And, with active suppliers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Central America, we can offer the highest quality products at competitive prices, year-round.

Best Berries, Best Technology

With a high IQ in fruit processing technology, consider Transpacific Food a valuable research and development partner.

Harvested when it reaches that precise moment of perfect ripeness, our fruit is taken directly from the fields of Sandy Farms to an on-site processing plant to be painstakingly washed, sorted, quality inspected, quick frozen and packaged to keep its nutritious goodness intact.

Your Custom Packaging

Need custom packaging for private retail labels? Just ask! We can accommodate almost any request.

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